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Andre Eriksen wins 2011 US Rotax Max Challenge National Point Championship

The USRMC National Point Standings ranks drivers from all the local and regional Rotax Max Challenge Series across the country using a weighted point system that increases based on event participation.

The purpose of the USRMC National Point Standings is to highlight those drivers who excel on the season as a whole, not including the USRMC Grand Nationals. Drivers who are properly licensed USRMC drivers are including in the standings for all seven categories, each counting their best six (6) results on the year toward the final standings.Read More

"I'm glad to have won this championship after the disappointment at the US Grand Nationals where I was run off track from 2nd place. Although this is a point championship it is still good to know that I am the most winning DD2 driver in US in 2011 with 4 wins, 3 second places and 1 third place in the local series and 2 wins in the Challenge Of The Americas/Pan American Challenge. This is a perfect way to retire from Rotax and move on the Honda 6-speed shifter class in 2012"

The two-speed DD2 engine is still making progress in numbers for the United States. It’s continued growth in Canada and around the world show the package is a successful one, with the American market still climbing. With a new DD2 Masters category created for the Rotax Grand Finals in 2011, more drivers in the USA are moving toward that where the regular DD2 remains static. With the combined standings together, Andre Eriksen tops the standings for the 2011 season with a combined four regions represented in the top-10. 

2011 United States Rotax Max Challenge National Point Standings - DD2/DD2 Masters:

1. Andre Eriksen Red Line Oil 953 
2. Michael Ostrowski Red Line Oil 945 
3. David Zarlengo Rockies 913 
4. Jim Haubenschild Rockies 881 
5. Danny Zajac MRP 881 
6. Conrad Park SWRC 841 
7. Brian Leadingham MRP 826 
8. David Moody Red Line Oil 792 
9. Robert Olson Red Line Oil 772 
10. David Palic Red Line Oil 768 
11. Robert Early Rockies 723 
12. DJ Ortiz NTK 709 
13. Mitch Carey Rockies 695 
14. Keith Stuckey SWRC 680 
15. Jack Warrington Rockies 666 
16. Brian Wilzoch Rockies 652 
17. Tim Otto Rockies 642 
18. Brain Robson Rockies 596 
19. Nathaniel Mauel SWRC 564 
20. Sydney Edwards Rockies 546 
21. Kevin Adds SWRC 430 
22. Mike Urban Rockies 429 
23. Jim Keesling Rockies 307 
24. Gary Willis South Florida 296 
25. Andrew Lounge South Florida 289 
26. Kristina Vorndran NYSC 289 
27. Dean Boyd NTK 278 
28. David Hale South Florida 260 
29. Rick Langille Rockies 256 
30. Michael Bowden Rockies 216 
31. Eric Lalone MRP 148 
32. Rene Martinelli North Florida 148 
33. Derek Wang PGP 141 
34. PJ Moodie Jamaica 130 
35. January Grove Red Line Oil 108