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Race Report for Viking Racing, Kart #464. Redline Oil Karting Championship, Dixon, CA. Race #8 September 19th, 2010

September 19th was the day for the 8th race in the NorCal Rotax series this time returning to the very physical demanding track in Dixon. The championship consists of 10 races, where the 8 best races counts. So far we had missed one and won the remaining 6 races in the Master's class bringing us in front of the championship.Read More

As such the goal was to play it safe and maximize the points in order to extend the lead in the championship. As the direction was reversed compared to last time at Dixon it was a year ago since I had driven there last. After having gotten rid of the rust and got in to to the rythm of the track again I quickly started to lap times below the official NorCal Rotax Masters track records so it looked good. After having run quite a few laps during Friday night I decided to take it easy Saturday and conserve some energy for Sunday's race as I once again was running two classes. 

Instead my coach Kris spent most of the sessions during Saturday dialing in spare engines as well as final chassis tuning. Kris put down some extremely fast lap times in both karts and the track was only getting better and grippier as the day went on. Unfortunately Sunday morning started with rain. The rain stopped half an hour later but at Dixon they do not race in the rain so in order to get rid of the water on the track they drove around the track in private cars in order to make the water mist and evaporate.


While that tactics worked it unfortunately also ruined the grip and the rubber line on the track. We anticiptaced that development and spent the time on changing axle to have the kart to provide more grip on the now slippery track.

I went out for the morning session on the damp track and was seconds faster than most of the field. As usual qualifying on Dixon is only two laps where the tires hardly get up to working temperature so it is basically an art to put down a fast lap on cold tires. I qualified on pole, won the pre final as well as the final in two uneventful races. Due to the weather I did not get down to quite the same times as Friday/Saturday and ended up 0.1 second from the track record. I had hoped to beat it, but the most important was the win.

In the DD2 class only a few drivers showed up but the competition was hard and good as we wanted. In the DD2 I also qualified on pole and won the following two races but with much more competition than in the Master's class. Also here I ended up only a tenth of a second from the official DD2 track record (put down by a 35 lbs lighter driver) so had the weather played along I could have nailed that as well.

With this win I now have a 385 points lead in the Championship. There is still 500 more points to race for but I only need to score 16 points to lock in the Championship, which at least on paper should be doable. All in all a very successful weekend with a first double-win and thereby maximum points in two classes.

We would like to thank our sponsors for making this season possible!