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Race Report for Viking Racing, Kart #464. Redline Oil Karting Championship, Infineon International Karting Center, CA. Race #10 October 24th 2010

October 24th was the day for the final race of the 2010 NorCal Rotax Challenge. I had already locked in the championship in the Rotax  Masters class. As I only did 4 races in the DD2 class a championship was out of reach but with a good finish in this race, an overall  3rd place was still achievable.Read More

The weather forecast was heavy rain and despite the championship in the bag I did not want to miss the opportunity to both practice and race in the rain and get the invaluable experience on the account. Same goes for setting up the kart for the rain, which is significantly different than a dry setup. Driving in the rain is fun and challenging but the downside is that it obviously is wet and cold and after a rain race weekend it is a full day of work (per kart) to clean everything up and adjust it back to dry settings.

As such I spent all day Saturday driving in the rain in both karts to get maximum benefit. Only a few drivers came to the track, which surprised me - I guess most people do not like the inconvenience. As you cannot avoid rain in the bigger race series, racing in the rain is a required skill to be a complete driver if you look in my book...


When Sunday arrived I was prepared with both karts and freshly honed skills and as such qualified on pole in the Masters Class with a 1.5 second gap to number two as well as qualifying on pole in the DD2 with a 3.6 second gap to number two.

There was a total of six races in the two classes, Heat 1, Heat 2 and the final. Except from a collision with a another class driver that ripped a valve stem out and caused a flat left front tire in of the heat races in the Masters class the day went as I had hoped for with overall win in both classes with a 33 second lead in the Masters class and a 55 second lead in the DD2 class.

Before the season I had an overall goal of finishing the series in top 3. The series had 10 races, where the 8 best races counts for the Championship. I won 8/8 races with more or less maximum points and perhaps the highest score/biggest margin in the NorCal Masters class ever. Also worth noting that during the season the Masters class was among the biggest in the entire series as well as having a record number of attendees in the class itself.

With a total of 5 races in the DD2 class, I managed to finish the overall DD2 Championship on 3rd place with a total of 2 wins, 2 second and one 3rd place. All in all a perfect finale on an very strong season and finally we could get the Champagne out of the fridge!.

The annual award banquet celebrating the 2010 champions is held Saturday November 6th in Novato featuring more than $20,000 of prizes. We are looking forward to celebrating after a long and fruitful 2010 season.

We would like to thank our sponsors for making this season possible!